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Why Social Media Is Important for Carpet Cleaning Marketing and SEO

Social Media is Vital for Carpet Cleaners

It is common for businesses to become frustrated when it comes to search engine optimization, as sometimes it seems that the rules you need to follow are constantly changing. The companies that feel this way are often those that do not understand the techniques that lead to great long-term results. When it comes to effective long-term carpet cleaning SEO, social media can be your most valuable tool in your efforts to find new business and creating a rapport with existing clients.


Marketing-SEO | Jan 17, 2014

Benefits of Mobile Websites for Carpet Cleaning

Mobile Websites Increase Sales

In May of 2013, the Pew Research Center released some very interesting statistics regarding mobile Internet users. For example, they explain that 63% of American adults use their cell phones to access the Internet. 34% percent of these adults say they mostly rely on their cell phones for Internet access. 

So, what do these facts and fi...

Mobile-Websites | Jan 10, 2014

Benefits of Videos for a Carpet Cleaning Website

Websites That Generate More Cash

If you have been thinking that you do not need video on your carpet cleaning website, it is time to think again. Businesses in every industry can benefit from adding high quality videos to their websites, but the service industry perhaps has the most to gain from this sales technique. 

The customers that have yet to use your carpet cleaning company must only use world-of-mouth, customer reviews and your marketing materia...

Video-Websites | Jan 01, 2014