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Why Social Media Is Important for Carpet Cleaning Marketing and SEO

Jan 17, 2014 | Category: Marketing-SEO | by: Bill Neill

Social Media is Vital for Carpet Cleaners

It is common for businesses to become frustrated when it comes to search engine optimization, as sometimes it seems that the rules you need to follow are constantly changing. The companies that feel this way are often those that do not understand the techniques that lead to great long-term results. When it comes to effective long-term carpet cleaning SEO, social media can be your most valuable tool in your efforts to find new business and creating a rapport with existing clients.

Social Media Marketing Is a Big Deal

There has been much debate over whether or not carpet cleaners and other businesses should purchase ad space on social media websites. Paid online advertising really is not necessary, if you are able to organically build a strong presence on these websites. 

A recent study by Searchmetrics found that “social signals” were one of the biggest factors determining where the major search engines would rank your website. These signals are things like Facebook shares and comments, “likes” and shares on Google+. Interestingly, the study also found that, if your paid advertisements were not launched carefully, they could actually have a negative effect on your carpet cleaning SEO efforts. 

How Does Social Media Marketing Help SEO?


 As mentioned, social signals help boost your search engine rankings by making your company website and business look more legitimate. These signals include when anyone likes, tweets, pins, shares, plus ones or otherwise promotes your social media page or posts.

You can strengthen the SEO for your carpet cleaning website by having your company website or other business information mentioned through social media. This includes when your website, company name or other identifiers are mentioned in other people’s posts. The more your business is mentioned, the more likely Google and other search engines will see your carpet cleaning website as a reliable source.


Backlinks have always been important for search engine optimization. These are links to your website that appear on other websites. If you do not earn these backlinks legitimately, and simply use spam techniques, the search engines have found ways to identify these practices and penalize these sites.

Social media sharing can help you organically increase the number of backlinks that your company website has, vastly improving your carpet cleaning SEO. Your social media pages themselves will link back to your company website, and the more these pages are shared, the more your backlinks will increase, as well. 

Benefiting Directly from Social Media Outlets

Of course, social media pages do much more than improve the SEO of your carpet cleaning website. They also give you an opportunity to interact directly with your customers and potentially attract new clients. By answering questions, responding to messages and offering exclusive video demonstrations and special promotions through your social media profiles, you can attract and retain customers. 

Social media users take notice of the business pages that deliver real value through their websites, and they are more willing to not only to purchase your services, but also to share your page with their followers. Do not be afraid to make the most of this opportunity.