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Benefits of Videos for a Carpet Cleaning Website

Jan 01, 2014 | Category: Video-Websites | by: Bill

Websites That Generate More Cash

If you have been thinking that you do not need video on your carpet cleaning website, it is time to think again. Businesses in every industry can benefit from adding high quality videos to their websites, but the service industry perhaps has the most to gain from this sales technique. 

The customers that have yet to use your carpet cleaning company must only use world-of-mouth, customer reviews and your marketing materials to determine if they should hire your business. With a professional video on your website, you can show them exactly what you have to offer. 

Videos provide a way for you to demonstrate your services to the public in a cost efficient and convenient way. You film one video and you then have this demonstration to show to an unlimited number of customers without using any additional resources. 

Turn More Visitors Into Paying Customers 

According to KISSmetrics, customers are anywhere from 64 to 85 percent more likely to purchase from a website that has a video than a website that does not. There are many different reasons why this trend is continuing. First, there is the fact that videos allow carpet-cleaning companies to demonstrate their skills and explain their business. But there is more to this successful marketing method.

In a video, you can more easily direct customers to the information that you feel is most important. You can have plenty of text on your website, but readers will typically scan the content and may not fully receive your messages. Videos can be created to deliver very specific messages and to direct customers to take certain actions. 

Optimize Your Videos to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings 

Videos also provide methods of improving the SEO of your carpet cleaning website. The video itself can receive impressive search engine rankings. KISSmetrics also reported that videos make up approximately 70% of the top 100 search engine results. 

When adding a video to your website, you have opportunity to improve the site’s search engine optimization. Relevant keywords should be incorporated into the video’s file name, deion and any tags. The number of views that your video receives also has a positive impact on your search engine ranking. 

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