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Benefits of Our Video Websites for Carpet Cleaners

5 Top Reason Why You Need A Video Website

  • Video Increases Website Conversion Rates = More Sales
  • Video Makes it Easy for Customers to Pick You
  • Instills Confidence In Your Company and Services
  • Focuses Customer's Attention on Your Message
  • Video Can Alleviate Fears & Answers Questions

Simply, Video Sells

Video increases sales in websites

According to StacksAndStacks.com, customers are 144% more likely to purchase from a website that has a video than a website that does not There are many different reasons why this trend is continuing. First, for carpet-cleaning companies to allows them to separate themselves from their competition and establish themselves as knowledge, successful, even experts in the local area.

Customers are 144% more likely to purchase from a website that has a video than a website that does not.

In a video, you can more easily direct customers to the information that you feel is most important. You can have plenty of text on your website, but readers will typically scan the content and may not fully receive your messages. Our Videos are be created to deliver very specific messages and to direct customers to take certain actions, namely give you call or schedule an online appointment.

The Benefits of Video on a Carpet Cleaning Website

Benefits of Video Websites

If you have been thinking that you need video on your carpet cleaning website, your right!. Carpet Cleaners can benefit from adding high quality videos to their websites, but the service industry perhaps has the most to gain from this sales technique.

The customers that have yet to use your carpet cleaning company dont know website from your competitors. With a professional video on your website, you can show them exactly why you are better than your competition.


  • Videos Can Move Your Web-Visitor to take action
  • Highlight Your Company's Strengths
  • Put Customer Fears to Rest
  • We Create High Production Value Videos That Get Results
Most of all getting video on your website is super affordable with Leading Edge, why not give us a call and get started.