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EZ-Edit Websites for Carpet Cleaners

Every carpet cleaning website, we provide, includes or EZ-Edit Module which gives you back control of your website's content. The best thing about our EZ-Edit module, it makes changing content as easy as using a word processor. No programming Required! In addition, you also have control of your On-Page SEO elements like Page Title, Page Description, Keywords and more. Best of all, it's FREE. Please make sure to see the video above as it explains in more detail.


  • EZ-Editing of Your Website's Content
  • Quickly Upload Your Own Pictures
  • Easily Make Changes to Your Website's On-Page SEO
  • Allows You To Setup and Modify Your Social Media Tags
  • Create Blog Posts in Less Than 5 Mins
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • No Programming Knowledge Required

FREE EZ-Edit Websites

EZ-Edit Carpet Cleaning Websites

In the dynamic environment of Carpet Cleaning, you dont want your website to hold you up. Thats why each of our websites employes EZ-Edit for your convenience. If you need to change a coupon, modify text, or swap out a picture, just simply login and make the changes yourself. It's as easy as using a wordprocessor. No programming needed.

Plus we provide easy to follow video instructions with examples, so you are never guessing how to make the changes you want. We encourage you to watch the video which better explains all of the features we discussed here. The Carpet Cleaning Website Dashboard: Lets you change a variety of your website's parameters such as:


  • Edit Desktop & Mobile Website Content at the Same Time
  • View Contact Log
  • Edit Blog Content
  • Edit Social Media Links
  • Edit Meta Tags
  • Edit Your Coverage Areas
  • Edit Blog Categories
  • Edit Thank You Page
  • Upload Your Own Pictures
  • Change Your Password
  • Reset Password - Email

Carpet Cleaning Dashboard - Easy Website Control

Blog On-Board Each Website

The dashboard is the heart of making changes to other areas of your website. Here you will get more information on how the dashboard make modifing your website easy. When you go to the dashboard, you will see several Icons that pertain to the areas you want to edit. Simply click an Icon and make the changes as you desire. Additionally, we provide videos how to do most anything you want, so there is never any quess work.

Dashboard: Contact-Log

Every contact that you get through your website is saved in the built-in contact log. If someone sent you an online appointment request, asked for a quote, sent an email through your website you can have it available to you through your desktop computer or even your mobile device.

EZ-Edit: Desktop & Mobile Websites

One wonderful aspect of our carpet cleaning websites is when you edit your content. Our websites will automatically reflected the changes on both your desktop and mobile websites. Because the two sights are really one.

Upload Your Own Photos

If you have before-and-after pictures from your carpet cleaning job or you just have a picture that you just want to add to one of your webpages, no problem. Our simple to use interface makes it a snap. Plus our video shows you step-by-step how to do it.

Dashboard: Social Media Links

Adding social media links is as easy as cutting and pasting the link in to the appropriate field in the dashboard. As soon as you do, the Icon and link will automatically appear on your website.

Dashboard Features - To Many To List

Really there are so many ways the dashboard gives you control over your website, it would take to long to list them all. Why not give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.