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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Questions

Why are your websites so good at selling or converting people from browsers to customers?

Consumers are constantly becoming being bombarded with countless webpages trying to sell them one product or service or another. Most of these website constantly ask the consumer to read through endless pages of text. But really, cusumers don't have the time or patience to read all of this information. Instead, they are looking for companies that makes it easy for them to make a choice and yet builds confidence at the same time. Our video websites helps to make your company stand-out from the competition and at the same time focuses your client's attention on the message you want to convey. Plus video websites instill a higher level of confidence that your company is successful and established.

What is Upgrade Protection?

It may be that your company is new and cash flow is an issue. Upgrade protection allows you to select a less expensive plan now. However, as business increases, you can apply what you have already paid in setup fees, towards higher packages in the future.

Do You Allow Clients to Control Their Own URL/Domain Name?

Absolutely! In fact, all of our clients own their own URLs/Domain Names and have complete control over them. In that way, you are protected from your website company taking your URL/Domain Name away from you.

What About My Existing URL/Domain Name?

If you have control of your URL/Domain Name you can simply redirect it to your new website location. If someone else is controlling your URL for your website, you need to contact them to see about pointing the URL/Domain Name to our location.

What if I dont have a URL/Domain Name?

No problem, as part of the service we offer, we will have step-by-step instruction on how to get and setup your URL/Domain Name at GoDaddy.com. This really is a simple process that anyone can do.

Is Hosting and Support Included?

Yes. With every website service plan, hosting and support is always included. Service Plans are all inclusive. There are never any surprises.

How Long Does it Take to Get My New Website?

Time will vary depending on several factors. But in general, 10-15 business days.

Can I edit the whole website?

In general you can edit most of the website content. There are some areas of the website that you will not have access to and will need to be changed by Leading Edge. But don't worry, in the first 30 days we will make any changes to the look and feel of the website that you need.

Mobile Website Questions

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website, Right Now?

There are 6 Big Reasons to have a mobile website:
  1. More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone
  2. Mobile traffic is exploding
  3. Mobile Internet use will surpass desktop use
  4. Keep Pace with the Competition
  5. Business with standard and mobile websites tend to rank higher
  6. Most of our packages include a Mobile Website

How do I edit my Mobile Website?

If you know how to use a word processor you can edit your mobile website. Additionally, we have training videos to show you how. When our customer's edit their website, it is reflected on both the standard and the mobile site at one time.

How will my mobile website look on different devices?

Because we use a responsive website design approach, you website will automatically adapt to any device, tablets and smart phones. So you never have to worry. Additionally, our responsive design approach is the one recommended by Google. So these websites can actually help you rank higher.

Website Features Questions

What is the Insta-Page feature?

The Insta-Page feature simply sends a text message to your phone, when any client sends in a appointment request or email through your website. Using the information from the text message, you can immediately follow-up with your client and "lock them in". No waiting until you get home, only to find out your client has already booked with someone else.

What is your Online Appointment Request Page?

Simply, it allows your client to send and email and text message letting you know the type of work they want and the time they are available. Using Insta-Page you can get back to them immediately a nd workout a mutually benefical time for both of you.

What is the Email Us Webpage?

Clients can email you with questions or request more information. In addition to receiving the email, if you have the Insta-Page feature, the website will immediately text you and let you know you were just contacted through the website.

Cost & Money Questions

What are your prices?

Is there a Setup Fee?

Yes, we have a one time full setup service fee which varies depending on the level of work for the website package selected. See Our Pricing Page for more information.

Are there any other costs?

No. Our full service setup takes care of everything.

How do you take payments?

We accept Visa and MasterCard for payment. Upon signing up your credit card will be charged the one-time setup fee and the first month service fee. Afterwhich, you credit card with automatically be charged the monthly service fee withdrawal on your monthly anniversary.

Is a contract required?

No contract is required. However, we do offer an EZPay program for certain website packages which distributes the cost of the setup fee over time. In those cases, a time commitment is required.

What is Your EZPay Program?

It may be that your company is new and cash flow is an issue. Upgrade protection allows you to select a less expensive plan now. However, as business increases, you can apply what you have already paid towards in setup fees, towards higher packages in the future. Upgrade protection is offered to our clients who's account are in good standing and have maintained a continous membership since starting with us.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged when you sign up and then the first of each monthly.

What is my total cost to get started?

A total of your monthly service fee plus the full setup service fee. Afterwards, you pay only monthly fee. Of course, if you choose optional features this amount would increase. Rest assured there are no hidden fees.

Will the price of the website's monthly service fee go up?

We go through great lengths to keep our prices low. In fact we have never had a price increase. Our volume of work makes it easier to maintain our great prices. For those looking for a guarantee on pricing, you can "lock in" your price with an optional contract.

How do I Cancel?

In rare cases where cliets want to cancel their website, you can simply call us cancel your service. Unfortunately, once we have charged your credit card there are no refunds.

Are there costs for making changes to the website?

This is one reason why our clients love your service. Because client can make changes to their website anytime they want, as much as they want there is rarely a need for us to get involved. Additionally, changes in the first 30 days are included as part of the full service setup. However, in the unlikely case after 30 days and you want us to make changes, we charge a nominal fee of $25/half hour.

Customization & Design Questions

Do you customize the website for each client?

Yes. Each website's look and feel is specifically tailored to your business. Each website is one-of-a-kind and created according to your direction. You will have a choice of colors, menu placement, and which webpages you want. We highlight your services, years of experience, and guarantee. There are many areas that the website can be changed to fit your business.

How do I make changes to the website?

Making changes to your website is simple and easy with our EZ-Edit Websites. You can change coupons, or specific content in minutes, as easily as you use a word processor. Each client receives their own protected login and can readily change their own coupons anytime they like. The process is simple and easy. Any changes you make are immediately reflected in the website.